Q: Where do you live?

A: South London, in the UK. (If you see me running around Wimbledon Common, say hello.)

Q: You design games, write and edit books and you write, record and produce music?

A: Yes, I’ve released a book called Rispin Quill, The Dragon Tongue (the first in The Dragon Tongue series) and I record music under the name The Crystal Suite. Regarding the games, take a look here for more details.

Q: Can I listen to your music?

A: Yes, head over to The Crystal Suite page for more information.

Q: When’s the second book in The Dragon Tongue series coming out?

A: Spring 2014.

Q: How long is the time gap between Book One and Book Two?

A: No time at all.

Q: Why did you decide to split the books?

A: I liked the idea of serialising the story as thousand page epics can be quite intimidating.

Q: The book has references to magic and dragons. Are you or have you ever been a devil worshiper?

A: No.

Q: Are you going to do an Audio Book version of Rispin Quill, The Dragon Tongue?

A: I’ll release one in 2014, all being well.

Q: If there was a film of Rispin Quill, The Dragon Tongue, who would you like to see cast as Rispin?

A: James Buckley gets my vote.

Q: Who would direct the film?

A: I’d love Ang Lee to have a crack at it.

Q: What can we expect in the second The Dragon Tongue book?

A: More Rispin, more Valfalgar, more legends and of course, more dark treacle.

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