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Ronnie Renton from Mantic Games kindly gave me a copy of the fantastic DreadBall. It seemed rude not to have a go at painting Mantic’s wonderful minis, even though I’ve not painted any for 15 years or so. (There’s nothing like a good challenge!) I found myself really enjoying having some music on and getting my old paints out.

The painted Trontek 29ers and Greenmoon Smackers minis were well received on the pitch and this led me to being commissioned to paint a genestealers army, along with converting a Rhino tank for them. Next up I was asked to paint an urban / futuristic little and large dwarf / ogre army.

Due to being given a copy of FFG’s amazing X-Wing Miniatures Game, I decided to have a go painting engines for the Millennium Falcon, X-Wings, Y-Wings, TIES, a TIE Advanced and a Decimator.

I’ve also been working on Mayhex! – a fantasy card game for Thornway Games. This has entailed creating many, many designs and pictures for the game.

Head over to the Gallery section for a the full picture list.

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