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Ronnie Renton from Mantic Games kindly gave me a copy of the fantastic DreadBall. It seemed rude not to have a go at painting Mantic’s wonderful minis, even though I’ve not painted any for 15 years or so. (There’s nothing like a good challenge!) I found myself really enjoying having some music on and getting my old paints out.

The painted Trontek 29ers and Greenmoon Smackers minis were well received on the pitch and this led me to being commissioned to paint a genestealers army, along with converting a Rhino tank for them. Next up I was asked to paint an urban / futuristic little and large dwarf / ogre army.

Due to being given a copy of FFG’s amazing X-Wing Miniatures Game, I decided to have a go painting engines for the Millennium Falcon, X-Wings, Y-Wings, TIES, a TIE Advanced and a Decimator.

I’ve also been working on Mayhex! – a fantasy card game for Thornway Games. This has entailed creating many, many designs and pictures for the game.

Head over to the Gallery section for a the full picture list.

Welcome back!

Sometimes life tries to throw as much as it can at you – during such days getting time to update the site / muck about online can be a struggle to say the least.

So what’s been happening while I’ve been off air? (I won’t bother you with the dull, stressful stuff – I’m sure you have enough of that sort of thing in your own life.)

1. First off, Internet Explorer seems to have fallen out with the site. Sorry about that – I’ll try and fix it ASAP.

2. Next up, Nokia have finally killed the Symbian OS. This, unless you’re a US technology ‘journalist’, is a bad thing. “But I had a N96 / 97 and it was awful,” I hear you think. Yes, good point. After the amazing N95 they were horrifically poor phones, however did you use an N8 loaded with Symbian Belle? That OS is fantastic. It’s the best looking mobile OS and is wonderfully versatile. I’ve been out of contract for a while now, which would normally mean updating to the latest device, however I and still have and love using my N8. Why? Because nothing on the market today can do everything it does. Which is very annoying. Why Nokia seems to take one step forward then two steps backwards, have a sit down, a little nap, ponder about moon fairies, decided maybe it should possibly make something not bad, change it’s mind and so on, I don not know. I’m sure their Windows phones are great, but until they can do what the N8 does (FM transmitter – so you can beam your music to a radio), HDMI out, so you can plug the phone into a TV (you can also plug it into a CRT TV if you wish) to play music via your surround sound kit, or watch bits and bobs you’ve filmed or movies in HD, it can record sound clips in stereo and can be used to read USB storage devices (when plugged in to said USB stick / HDD), I’m not going to bother.

Yes, Symbian was fragmented and had quirks, but what a loss.

3. We moved house.

Mrs. Thornway and myself now have a garden! It’s not a big garden, but there’s some grass there (when the snow’s not decided to make an appearance). Downstairs is almost decorated and we have broadband again! Life without internet is not good.

4. Due to the lack of broadband (BT decided to cancel out order six times for reasons beyond me) we were given a YouView box, a couple of internet plug adapters, for free (including free delivery, along with some money off our bill – rah!). I didn’t know much about YouView, but it had a PVR and we didn’t have one at the moment, so I thought I’d give it a go – and I’m very glad I did. This thing beats both Freeview and surprisingly, Sky.

Sky+ or Sky HD as all the kids have now is a really good device, however YouView just seems better. It’s far faster to boot up (when not in eco mode) and it’s quicker scanning through the EPG as well. The ability to go back in time to check out programs you’ve missed is pure witchcraft. If your phone line / broadband is playing up, nag your provider for one of these things, you’ll be very happy if you get one.

5. What else? I met Ronnie and co at The North West Regional Gaming Centre, Hallam Mill, Stockport, where Mantic’s Clash of Kings tournament was being held. If you’re into gaming, miniatures, painting that sort of thing, then get yourself along to one of Mantic’s events, you won’t regret it.

6. Speaking of Mantic, I got a copy of DreadBall. What’s DreadBall? Go here for more details. Figures have been glued and paint has been applied. I’ve not painted a miniature for years – I forgot how much I enjoyed it. The first DreadBall game takes place this week, let’s hope Team Panache don’t perform too badly!

7. I’ve finished editing a book which I can’t really talk about at the moment, however the publisher is pleased and wants me to work on the next one. I’ll give you more details on this as soon as I can. 

8. I have to mention the little matter of Rispin Quill, The Dragon Tongue Book Two – I’m happy to say that everything is coming together nicely! It’s a shame writing takes so long!

Mantic’s open day = 10/10

Many thanks Ronnie, Chris and co for a great day.

Brilliant, friendly atmosphere (everyone was very approachable), loads of finely painted miniatures, interesting seminars and there were plenty of gaming tables. Mrs. Thornway and myself got to have a play with Warpath, then DreadBall (which Mrs. Thornway won the trophy for first and only kill of the day (one of my human strikers. Pah!)).

Many thanks as well to the experts who kindly guided us gently through the rules – these games seem far more approachable / playable than others I’ve struggled with in the past. I was never really into gaming (unless it was on a Spectrum or console) way back when – I was far more taken with painting / converting the figures. I think it shows why Mantic are so loved as a company as their games are so player friendly and most importantly, fun.

If you didn’t go this year, make sure you get to the next one, you won’t regret it.

Many thanks Mantic!

Thank you to Ronnie, Chris and the rest of the team over at Mantic Games for the kind shout out / recommendation regarding Rispin Quill, The Dragon Tongue in their latest mailout.

If you’ve just arrived on this site via Mantic’s link, thank you for taking the time to check the book out.

Click here to read to read a preview chapter.

Click here or on the image below to head over to Amazon and download your very own copy of Rispin Quill, The Dragon Tongue to your kindle or kindle reader app.

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