Mantic’s open day = 10/10

Many thanks Ronnie, Chris and co for a great day.

Brilliant, friendly atmosphere (everyone was very approachable), loads of finely painted miniatures, interesting seminars and there were plenty of gaming tables. Mrs. Thornway and myself got to have a play with Warpath, then DreadBall (which Mrs. Thornway won the trophy for first and only kill of the day (one of my human strikers. Pah!)).

Many thanks as well to the experts who kindly guided us gently through the rules – these games seem far more approachable / playable than others I’ve struggled with in the past. I was never really into gaming (unless it was on a Spectrum or console) way back when – I was far more taken with painting / converting the figures. I think it shows why Mantic are so loved as a company as their games are so player friendly and most importantly, fun.

If you didn’t go this year, make sure you get to the next one, you won’t regret it.

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