Retro thoughts

With working and running around I don’t seem to have played any computer / console games for a while – until the Play Expo in Manchester the other week, of course. That place seems to have given me the bug again.

To correct my mistake, I’ve fired up Tekken 4 on the recently dusted PS2 (‘Ultra Hard’ setting, obv!), which is great, but annoying. I’m experiencing that feeling that most gamers probably have had, where you were once pretty much invincible at a game, then don’t play it for ages, then return, expecting to be the master, however you get your backside well and truly kicked. I know, I know – it just means I need more practise. (If you’re waiting on tenterhooks for The Dragon Tongue book two I bet you’re delighted to read this! Don’t worry, writing comes first, however we’ve all seen The Shining and we all know what ‘all work and no play’ does to a writer, right?)

Having the retro bug got me thinking about favourite games of all time. One of these is the (just slightly older than Tekken 4) masterpiece called Avalon, which was released in 1984 for the ZX Spectrum. I loved that game, but never finished it. (To have game saves back then!) I’d be very happy if Sony released an emulator for the PS3 with tons of these gems. Anyway, here’s a YouTube video walkthrough of one of the best games ever…. *projects soul*

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