Which kindle to buy?

My conversations seem to be either about Rispin Quill, The Dragon Tongue, Prometheus, 3D, or the kindle at the moment. I know, I lead such an exciting life.

I’ve been asked a few times recently regarding the best version of the kindle to buy. Of course it’s all down to taste and requirements. Some people are happy reading books via a phone or tablet screen (I had a play with a Sony Android tablet the other day which was great), however I personally prefer the kindle touch – the touch screen is very responsive and it’s easy to use.

With the old built-in keyboard kindle you still had to press a button then scroll across to pick numbers or symbols, etc. The kindle touch has everything on screen for you, or just a button press away making life that bit easier.

Click on the picture link below to head over to Amazon if you’d like to take a look at the various kindles for sale at the moment.

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The reviews are coming in

Here are a couple of reviews of Rispin Quill, The Dragon Tongue from Amazon.co.uk (click the picture to enlarge)…

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Rispin Quill, The Dragon Tongue out now!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for – yes, the first book in The Dragon Tongue series is available to download to your kindle / kindle app.

Click here or on the image below to head over to Amazon to get your very own copy Rispin Quill, The Dragon Tongue.

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Rispin Quill, The Dragon Tongue cover

Want to see the final art work for the cover of Rispin Quill, The Dragon Tongue? You’re in luck!

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It’s been a busy month

As well as designing and drawing the cover for Rispin Quill, The Dragon Tongue I’ve been running around the country for the last few weeks.

It’s good to be back home in London – just in time for the Jubilee boat procession down the Thames this afternoon. (Shame the weather hasn’t lasted though. Pah!)

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Ready to launch?

There’s been lots of tweaking taking place behind the scenes of The Dragon Tongue and The Crystal Suite pages: new menus, links, reshaping, undoing the reshaping, reshaping the reshaped – that sort of thing.

Anyway, the good news is the website is pretty much finished, except for the whole content part. It’s not like that’s important, is it?


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Work in progress / thank you

Although the pages here are still being tweaked and not officially live, it’s nice to have so many visitors from around the world and people providing feedback to me.

If you spot anything amiss, just let me know via the contact form.

Thank you!

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Sneak preview time!

Here’s a teaser for the almost finished cover for Rispin Quill, The Dragon Tongue:

The artwork, etc should be finalised by the end of next week, all being well. Rah!

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Want to listen to some stuff?

Click here to visit The Crystal Suite’s MySpace page.

You can listen to:

Loose Ends

The End of the World


and the demo of Trompe l’oeil.

Does life get better?

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The Dragon Tongue Book One: not long to wait!

The Dragon Tongue Book One will soon be available to buy at Amazon. If you have a Kindle, you’re in luck. If you don’t have a Kindle, you’re still in luck as you can download a free Kindle Reader applicaition for loads of gadgets. (Basically, this means you can read Kindle books on your Mac or Windows computer, Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, or Android device). Just click on the pictures or links below.

Click here for Android devices.

Click here for BlackBerry devices.

Click here for the iPad Kindle app.

Click here for the iPhone Kindle app.

Click here for the Mac Kindle app.

Or click on the picture above.

Click here for the Windows Phone kindle reader app.

Click here or on the picture below for the Windows (XP / Vista / 7) Kindle app.


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